Should you be using colloidal silver?

For anyone who read the title of this post and thought to themselves, ‘What in the hell is colloidal silver?’, don’t fret. I wouldn’t think colloidal silver is something the majority of us are familiar with.

“A colloid is a mixture of two substances. One part of the blend is split into tiny pieces and mixed into the other part. Colloidal silver is made up of tiny particles of silver in water. The bits of silver are so small they stay afloat in the liquid,” explains a web page from WedMD.

Now that we have addressed what exactly colloidal silver is, allow me to get into the benefits of using it.

I was first introduced to this stuff by my mom, who started using it after a naturopath recommended it to her. It has virtually no taste, making it easy to ingest, and it is available at most health food stores. It isn’t overly expensive, and when mixed in with a glass of water, you wouldn’t even know you’re taking anything.

As for the benefits?

“Manufacturers of colloidal silver often broadly claim that their products are capable of stimulating the immune system and helping the body heal itself. Proponents believe that the supplement can aid in wound healing, improve skin disorders, and either prevent or treat diseases like the flu, pneumonia, herpes, eye infections, shingles, cancer, and AIDS,” says a web page from verywellhealth.

There is a lot of controversy regarding colloidal silver and whether or not it is effective when consumed, and many argue that the human body simply doesn’t require it. Personally, I disagree, and I have found it to be useful for me, although I cannot speak for everyone.

Like any supplement, vitamin, mineral or medication, prior to taking something new it is always best to consult your physician. Take some time and research colloidal silver if you’re interested and to see if it is something that would benefit you.

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