Here’s why you shouldn’t resist sharing how you’re feeling about something

Emotions are, in my opinion, a blessing and a curse at times. They undeniably serve a purpose, and a rather important one; they’re a means to express and communicate how we are feeling about something to someone, and without them, life itself would arguably be a pretty confusing thing to navigate.

Despite the significance of emotions and what they enable us humans to do, they can be the cause of a lot of conflict, stress, and confusion. Furthermore, they’re oftentimes something we are reluctant to be transparent with because we fear our emotions and the way we are feeling will upset or bother someone else. I have come to learn, though, that being straightforward with our emotions and letting others know how we are feeling is one of the most effective ways to avoid miscommunications, regardless of how daunting the idea of being open with how we are feeling may seem at a given moment in time.

Everyone is different, and some of us are a lot more willing to be expressive with our emotions than others. And that is absolutely okay, and also to be expected. I am someone who isn’t shy when it comes to sharing with others how I am feeling about something, and I’ve found via life experience that telling someone how I am feeling about a certain matter or situation is a hell of a lot better than not and eventually exploding later on because of pent up feelings. It is far too easy to bury emotion in order to get past something, but I really don’t believe this is the best way to go about handling what we are feeling.

The next time you’re feeling a certain way about something, I encourage you to be honest and share with someone what it is you’re experiencing emotionally. The outcome may just surprise you.

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