Finding and supporting local businesses

Local business and their success have always been of importance to me. Their importance likely stems from being raised in an agricultural environment, where small businesses often collaborate for a greater result, and further my sisters own small business. Seeing the folks who own and operate small businesses, busting their butts each and every day to gain progress and advance their management practices, is so commendable, and I feel as though small business owners often go without the recognition and appreciation they deserve.

As important as supporting local is, it’s equally important to make an effort to find small businesses in your own area. So often I find myself coming across new local businesses in my own area, often times on social media, demonstrating their popularity and rising demand. However, these businesses can only flourish with our own support, hence why seeking out small businesses in our own towns and cities is so vital to their success.

I would argue no one can completely comprehend the demands of owning a small business unless they own one themselves. And that’s fine. But we should make a conscious effort to commend these people and urge them to continue serving our families with complete and utter devotion. For example, if you happen to see an advertisement for a small business near you, make a mental note to stop in sometime and see what their passion consists of. Often times small businesses are dedicated to specific niche markets, and you just might find one that appeals considerably to you.

We need to collectively take a step back from large-scale corporations and manufacturers and use the money we give them on those who deserve it most – small business owners. They’re our friends, family and neighbours, and they deserve our support as much as anyone else does, without a doubt.

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