Move over, Somersby; Folkin’ Hard Cider has you beat

Ciders and summertime pair perfectly. There’s something so refreshing about cracking open a crisp, cool apple cider on a hot summer day, and I imagine a lot of folks would agree with me.

If hard cider is your go-to drink when the weather warms up, I have some fantastic news for you: Bonnieheath Estate Lavender and Winery’s Folkin’ Hard Cider is the best you can get, and it really is a must-try.

Bonnieheath’s Folkin’ Hard ciders are 100 per cent a Norfolk County product, meaning everything that goes into the product is sourced directly from the county. It really doesn’t get more local than this.

Their apple cider and cherry cider are available year-round, but they also carry a limited spring and summer edition summer. I’ll break down each flavour for you.

Their apple cider is the least sweet out of all of the flavours, and it’s also the driest. It has a distinct, pure apple flavour; it’s a true classic.

Their Cherrybomb cider is an apple cider made with sour cherries, giving it a pleasant tart and sweet flavour.

Their limited spring edition cider, Sweet Lips, is an apple cider made with strawberries and maple syrup. It is my favourite flavour overall, and it’s one of the most unique ciders I’ve ever tried.

Their limited summer edition cider, True Blue, is an apple cider made with blueberries and lavender. It’s as delicious as it sounds, and it comes a close second to the Sweet Lips in terms of being the best in my opinion.

If you look at the ingredients that go into these ciders, you’ll find nothing other than apples, and whatever additional fruits are added to the product, depending on the flavour. These ciders are incredibly pure and contain absolutely zero fillers or added sugar, and they’re also gluten-free.

Bonnieheath’s Folkin’ Hard ciders are a must-try. They may just become your newest summer staple.

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