Broadway Diner: a hidden Hamilton gem

Eating in restaurants nowadays can be a hit or miss experience, depending on where you go. Prices can be far higher than expected; atmosphere can significantly impact overall experience; menu options may be limited.

Not to worry, though; Broadway Diner in Hamilton has all of its bases covered.

Located on Upper James Street, Broadway Diner truly is a hidden gem. Its description on Google states it is an “unassuming, down-home diner serving traditional plates for breakfast, lunch & dinner.”

Based on my experience, I can attest to this statement.

Not only does Broadway Diner have a great selection in terms of its menu, but it also offers an incredibly relaxed and casual atmosphere. It isn’t necessarily a stereotypical diner in the sense that it doesn’t have bright red booths and waitresses on roller skates, but it still has a diner flair throughout the space thanks to subtle decor.

I had the Amarillo Chicken. The dish consists of two good-sized chicken breasts, charbroiled and topped with fresh avocado, salsa, tomatoes, red onion, and Monterey jack cheese. I opted for no cheese, and it was delicious, as were the fries that accompanied it. My mom had the chicken souvlaki pita and said it was delicious, and my grandfather had breakfast which was also tasty.

Our waitress was very friendly, as was the rest of the staff that I interacted with. This place is clean and welcoming, with generous portions for an absolutely reasonable price. I recommend Broadway Diner to anyone residing within or outside of Hamilton, and I imagine I’ll be back again soon.

Oh, and in case you needed another reason to check this place out, they also serve cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.

Need I say more?

Check out their Facebook page or do a quick Google search for their hours and more information.

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