Consider exploring locally

With warmer weather finally sticking around here in Ontario, us Canadians are beginning to emerge from our igloos to spend some time outdoors.

Completely accurate, and not stereotypical in the slightest, I know.

Warmer temperatures typically correlate with outdoor activities, and around this time of year, people start itching to find things to do outside. Whether it be gardening, landscaping, shopping, eating, or simply exploring, it’s just better when you’re not ambling around in parkas and winter boots.

So, if you find yourself with the outdoors bug, why not start out exploring in your own community?

I feel as though so many of us are guilty of going out of town for new and exciting excursions. But, my question is, why? Why do unfamiliar towns and regions seem so much more enticing than what could be in our own backyards, trying to snag our attention?

I recently started a new job in Waterford, which falls within Norfolk County. Since starting this job, I’ve become familiarized with so many interesting and unique opportunities and activities right within Norfolk, ones I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

Hence my point about how we often overlook what may be right within our own town or city. Finding new and innovative things to do doesn’t have to involve an hours drive, and by engaging with your own community, you support the small business owners who operate within it. I’ve lived in Brant County my entire life, and I still find myself discovering new businesses.

It’s a win-win situation, really. You stay close to home, unveil small joys that were right under your nose, and can continue to visit these special places, supporting people you likely know already in the process.

And, on the topic of exploring locally, don’t be afraid to do some research. You might find something completely unexpected.

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