Support local this Christmas

Supporting small businesses and small business owners is something rather near and dear to my heart. I credit my passion for supporting and buying local to my sister; she is a small business owner, and seeing the amount of dedication, time, effort and sacrifice that goes into owning a small business is not something that should be overlooked, but unfortunately, often times is.

I’m not going to lie and say I strictly support small businesses. I wish I could, but I, like most of us, too often rely on large-scale corporations and name brands for products because of convenience and affordability. And I think it is important to acknowledge the fact that I am by no means trying to suggest we shouldn’t ever shop with the big guys. Sometimes we have to, whether it be for financial purposes or perhaps because what we need isn’t offered by any small businesses. But, if we have the opportunity to support a small business as opposed to a company like Amazon, we should make a conscious effort to do so.

Small businesses have taken a serious hit as a result of COVID-19. Larger businesses have, too, but not nearly to the same extent as smaller, locally-owned ones. This year, it is so, so important to support small businesses as much as possible, because if we don’t, there is a good chance these businesses won’t be around this time next year to buy from.

I strongly encourage you to take a little bit of time and research some of the small businesses that operate in your own area to purchase from this holiday season. Chances are that there is one local to you that carries something you’re looking for, and your business could make a serious difference for that business owner.

Shop and support local, folks.

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