Knowing your rights in the workplace

I would wager that a lot of us are currently tolerating things at our jobs that we aren’t necessarily the biggest fans of. Perhaps your boss is refusing to acknowledge a significant task you have recently achieved; maybe you are deserving of a raise but have yet to receive one; it is possible you are being mistreated but feel as though no one will take your seriously.

There are quite a few different reasons why we may be unsatisfied with our work, but I would argue that a lot of issues that arise in the workplace are a result of employee-employer differences. And, I would also argue that majority of us feel as though we don’t have the right to express our concerns or bring attention to problems we are enduring, when really, we do.

It is safe to say that a lot of us likely refrain from confronting our employer over an issue out of fear of being reprimanded or being dismissed. I’ve been there; I was once dismissed from a position for trying to resolve an issue between myself and my superior. It is unfortunate when instances such as the one I experienced occur because they discourage employees from coming forward to an even further extent, and while what happened was pretty shitty and unsettling, it showed me that I really wasn’t anything more than another worker for this particular employer, and it encouraged me to take my skills elsewhere to where they were appreciated.

As an employee, we have a right to address problems associated with our work with our employer. We don’t have to remain silent, and while speaking up may occasionally result in repercussions or, in severe cases, a loss of a job, I believe tolerating things we shouldn’t at a job simply to keep the peace is a serious contributor towards many of us failing to be content in our jobs.

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