Have you tried Storyteller Beverage Company’s Bees Knees?

I’m not what you would call a big drinker when it comes to alcohol. I never have been, and likely never will, solely because I was raised by two parents who don’t drink terribly often, and an older sister who doesn’t drink period.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have a few drinks from time to time, and I definitely don’t have any sort of issue with anyone who drinks more frequently than myself, considering I’m a bit of an oddball in this particular equation.

I tend to drink white wine when I do choose to have a glass, typically sauvignon blanc. That being said, though, I’ve really been enjoying a gin cocktail as of late that I wanted to share with all of you. 

Storyteller Beverage Company’s Bees Knees is an Ontario crafted gin cocktail. It’s flavoured naturally with lemon and also contains Ontario honey, so it’s got a bit of a sweet and savoury feel to it.

According to this beverage’s description via the Storyteller Beverage Company’s website, linked above, “Back in the roaring 20’s, when prohibition was in full swing, ‘bees’s knees’ was an expression meaning ‘the best’, and with a sweet little blend of gin, soda, lemon, and honey, it is.

It contains carbonated water, Ontario crafted gin, Ontario honey, natural lemon flavouring, and does not contain any preservatives. One can has 140 calories and 12g of sugar, which stems entirely from the honey, making it a lighter, healthier choice for anyone that may appeal to.

I only discovered these bad boys because my work is carrying them, but I wish I had known about them sooner. They’re fantastic for warmer weather, and trust me when I say that the combination of honey and lemon, along with the gin, will get your tastebuds hoppin’. I haven’t encountered anyone who has tried this stuff who wasn’t a fan, so be sure to grab some the next time you’re at the LCBO.

Image from https://www.beeskneescocktail.com/

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