Ontario Farm Fresh

It’s arguable that you’ve detected my passion for agriculture and supporting farmers, therefore it should come as no surprise that I advocate for the website Ontario Farm Fresh. Ontario Farm Fresh is essentially a website that provides information about farmers and their farms in Ontario, encouraging site visitors to visit them and in turn buy local.

The website states:

“The fields are getting greener every day. Farmers all across our province are getting ready for another busy growing season. Carefully selected seeds and seedlings are being planted to start the process of growing high quality, delicious food.

Take some time to explore the farms in your area or go for a drive and find some new ones. Many on-farm markets are open year round, depending on the products they produce and offer. Click on the ‘Find a Farm’ button and explore farms nearby or farms that offer unique foods to try. Grab your hat and suntan lotion and get out in the countryside. Explore rural Ontario and the many farmers who live there. It is always a great opportunity for some fresh air, fresh experiences and lots of fun.”

The website features a tab that, as described above, directs site visitors to farms in their region, and if you happen to search for a farm using this tab, you will be directed to a farm’s own website. These websites are incredibly informative in terms of describing the sorts of produce and crops grown for a particular farm, and many of these farm websites have an Events tab that encourages individuals to experience agriculture first-hand.

I became familiar with Ontario Farm Fresh rather recently, and I believe it is a great resource for both farming and non-farming folk. It is informational, helpful, and it supports farmers in our province. Check it out!

Featured image by ontariofarmfresh.com

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