You really need to try Earthly Delight’s potato bacon soup

I feel like potato bacon soup is a flavour combination just about all of us can appreciate. Not only does bacon compliment potatoes perfectly (what doesn’t bacon compliment, though), the heavenly concoction that comes from pairing these two ingredients is one I would give just about anything for.

Yes, I am talking this passionately about soup, and no, I don’t need your judgment.

Moving on.

My sister is the founder, owner and operator of her business called Earthly Delights. In the early stages of her business, my sister focused on growing chemical-free produce and producing a variety of natural bath products. She also dabbled in artisan woodworking. Fast forward a few years, and she is now creating some of the most delicious soups and ready-made meals I’ve ever come across, and she’s still doing the produce and the woodworking.

Am I biased because this is my sister’s business? Yes. Does my bias take away from how incredible her creations are? Nope.

One of her most popular flavours of soup is her potato bacon, and for good reason. I tried it for the first time the other day (since I was unable to consume dairy up until recently), and god damn, did it ever knock my socks off. This soup perfects the intricate balance between potato and bacon without either being over or underwhelming and cradles these two staple ingredients in a creamy, rich broth. My sister does her version of potato bacon soup a little differently than most – she cuts the potatoes into large-ish chunks as opposed to chopping them finely or even blending them right into the broth, and having a mouthful of both potatoes and bacon each and every time is just about as good as it sounds.

Check out Earthly Delights via Facebook or Instagram and order some of the best damn soup you’ll ever eat, folks!

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