Gaining new perspectives in a pandemic

The Coronavirus outbreak has turned all of our worlds pretty well upside down. With the entire world coming to an almost standstill, many of us are finding that we have a lot more time on our hands to think and contemplate about things we may not have given much thought to prior, and despite the shittiness of this entire situation, there is a definite positive that can come from this.

I was chatting with my dad about the current state of things recently, and both he and I commented on the fact that life likely will not return to what we previously perceived as normal. The predicament we are in will end, but I think there will be significant changes in terms of how we live our daily lives.

And, I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing.

Both my dad and I agreed that this pandemic has forced a lot of us to recognize what really are the important things in life. Because we can’t do a whole lot of anything recreationally right now, many of us are spending a lot more time at home with our families. Isn’t this situation one so many of us have been longing for a long time?

I truly believe the COVID-19 outbreak is going to change our perspective of what truly matters in life. Is going out for nice dinners at restaurants or watching a sports game a necessity? Absolutely not. Is spending time with our loved ones in the comfort of our homes a luxury a lot of us take for granted on a daily basis? Yes.

I really believe that this pandemic has allowed many of us to open our eyes to what is most important in life. Being stuck at home may not be ideal, but there are a lot of things that are far worse. 

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