The importance of supporting local businesses in a pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak has unfortunately created a lot of different problems in a lot of different contexts. I would imagine most of us have been impacted by the coronavirus differently, depending on the sort of life we live, the work we do, where we are geographically located, etc. But, I believe there is one constant among all of us despite the differences in our individual situations; local small businesses have taken a major hit from COVID-19, and no one is really talking about it.

I’ve seen a few businesses close in my own area, and I know this is occurring across the globe. I find it extremely disheartening that small business owners have been some of the few people who have not been able to apply or qualify for financial aid from governments. My sister is a small business owner, and witnessing the challenges and obstacles that have presented themselves in her business because of COVID-19 has been frustrating, and furthermore discouraging, as it is troubling to acknowledge that there isn’t much I can do as a single individual to help her out.

I’ve always been vocal and passionate about the importance of supporting small, local businesses, but the need to do so has never been more relevant. So many people who own small businesses are facing hardships they likely believed to be impossible because of this pandemic, and it is ultimately up to us to demonstrate our appreciation for them by supporting them and their work. These people rely on us to keep their businesses going, and being a small business owner is hard enough, let alone being one right now in a pandemic.

If you are in need of anything, please check to see if someone in your area can offer you what you’re looking for before hitting up Amazon. Jeff Bezos doesn’t need more money, but the people in our communities struggling to stay afloat sure do.

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