To mask or not to mask?

I think it’s fair to say that whether to wear a mask or not is a hot topic as of late as a result of COVID-19. Where I am located, it is a bylaw that masks must be worn in all public places, and from what I am hearing and reading, a lot of other regions are facing the same predicament.

In regards to the question of whether or not a mask should be worn, the bylaws in place state that they are mandatory. But, despite the firm ruling, there a lot of folks who are in serious disagreement about being forced to wear a mask.

I understand the hesitancy and frustration with mandatory masks, as they’re not the most comfortable, they tend to be pretty warm, and they’re inconvenient. They certainly aren’t something I’m dying to wear, and I imagine a lot of people would agree. However, the mask rulings have been instilled for the health and safety of everyone, therefore I don’t understand why there is so much pushback pertaining to the policies.

I witnessed my first mask meltdown at work not too long ago in which a customer refused to wear one and was asked to leave. This person made quite a scene about having to wear a mask, almost to the point of a physical altercation occurring. I couldn’t believe how upset they were, and I feel the same way about anyone else who is seriously protesting the mandatory masks.

I suppose that what I’m getting at in this post is how I find it pretty incredulous that so many people are attempting to kibosh masks despite their main purpose of protecting people. Ultimately, fighting the ruling because of discomfort or irritation is selfish, and at the end of the day, if you could potentially spare someone’s life by wearing a mask, why wouldn’t you?

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