Annabelle: Creation – is it worth the watch?

I love me a pants-pooping horror movie, one that gets my heart pumping and results in me sweating profusely out of fear.

You may think I’m a bit odd for my film preferences, but that’s fine.

Anyways, since horror movies are kind of my thing, I’ve been wanting to see Annabelle: Creation, since I initially saw previews for the film. The original Annabelle flick, The Conjuring, remains pretty high on my list in terms of how scary it is (I do not recommend watching it alone in an empty house), so I was hopeful that a movie providing some context as to how this creepy-ass doll became so naughty would be equally terrifying.

Annabelle: Creation does just that. The film opens with a glimpse at the Mullins family, Samuel, Ester, and their daughter, Annabelle, and a tragic occurrence that leaves Samuel and Ester without their beloved daughter. Fast forward 12 years, the Mullins open their home to young, orphaned girls, as well as a nun, likely to fill the void they’ve been experiencing since their daughter passed.

Shockingly enough, the orphaned girls soon begin to note some pretty freaky shit happening in the Mullins’ house, specifically Janice, who has mobility issues due to Polio. Janice enters Annabelle’s room one evening, despite being told not to, and stumbles across the oh-so terrifying doll we all know as Annabelle.

Things pretty well go to shit once Janice discovers the doll, and upon learning of Janice’s contact with the doll, Samuel and his wife explain to the nun how the evil, rather ugly doll came to be, piecing together the story that has been threaded throughout all of the films in The Conjuring series.

I have to say that considering the bulk of actresses in this film are children, the overall effect is quite intense. It’s pretty creepy, and I recommend checking it out if you’ve seen any or all of The Conjuring chapters.

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4 thoughts on “Annabelle: Creation – is it worth the watch?

  1. I keep hearing that Creation is “the good one;” I keep avoiding it because of the other films. Did you watch/review the first Annabelle or Comes Home? Opinions? (Just curious, because I thought Annabelle was godawful, and I’ve heard nothing but ill will towards Comes Home, but everyone seems to love Creation.)


    1. Hi, Kaine! Thanks for reading. 🙂

      I haven’t seen Annabelle Comes Home, although, like yourself, I’ve heard it’s pretty bad. I did see Annabelle, and I didn’t think it was great. The Conjuring remains as the best in the series for me, personally, but Annabelle: Creation is actually pretty scary.

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