Another year, another goodbye

Temporary foreign migrant workers are an absolutely essential component of the Canadian economy and our supply and demand chain when it comes to agriculture. Workers from various geographical locations travel to a foreign country annually for a significant duration of time to assist with farm work and the agricultural industry, and truthfully, we would not be able to farm to the extent we are here in Canada if it were not for the help and assistance of these incredible workers.

On my family’s farm, we bring up temporary foreign workers from Mexico and from Dominica. In regards to our Mexican workers, we have one gentleman named Salmone who, as of this year, has been coming to work on our farm for 33 years, and he along with a handful of other workers are leaving to go back to Mexico before Halloween. My family and I always dread when it comes time for these men to leave to go back home, and we recognize we are selfish for wanting them to stay seeing as they are here, in Canada, for roughly eight months of the year, and are only home with their families for approximately four months.

It is emotional when it comes time to say our farewells to these workers, even if they are going to be coming back to see us again in March. These men are like family, and we all feel their absence once they’ve gone back home to Mexico for our winter months here in Canada.

Unless you’re familiar with the agriculture industry, it is arguable to say that the majority of folks really have no fucking clue how essential these temporary foreign workers are and the tremendous role they play in helping to produce and harvest a variety of crops. We couldn’t do it without them, and they deserve a hell of a lot more respect and recognition for everything they do for us Canadians.

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