Have you been to The Oriental in Brantford?

Chinese food really is a comfort food classic. It checks all of the boxes in terms of what a comfort meal should consist of, as well as what the consumer experiences whilst eating it, and just about all of us can agree that a solid Chinese food dinner hits the hunger spot.

There is a chance you’re going to feel sluggish the day after eating it, but it is absolutely worth it. I think so, at least.

In Brantford, Ontario, The Oriental restaurant is the place to be for local Chinese food. My family has been going here for years, and my grandparents actually started going when it was first opened back in 1961. We have a long-lasting customer relationship with the folks that own The Oriental, and they’re some of the kindest, most hospitable, and most genuine folks you’ll meet.

I’ve had Chinese food from other places in Brant County, and none even come close to The Oriental in regards to flavour. Some of my favourite Oriental dishes include their almond soo guy, their Oriental fried rice, their Cantonese chow mein, their beef and broccoli, their wonton soup, their sweet and sour chicken, and of course their chicken balls. Their spring rolls are also phenomenal, as are their egg rolls with some of their hot mustard.

The Oriental is located on Market Street in Brantford, and if you’re a resident of the city or live nearby, this is your sign to check out The Oriental if you haven’t yet. The restaurant offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, and it is almost always pretty quiet inside so you’re able to enjoy a nice conversation if you go out with someone.

If you’re craving Chinese food and you’re relatively local to Brantford, be sure to visit The Oriental. I can almost promise you that you will not regret it.

Image from https://30c6c95784.clvaw-cdnwnd.com/de7cff0905f5d88f4758e9b7c19f3727/200000006-a5c90a5c92/0-2.jpeg?ph=30c6c95784

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