Exploring your passion

To be passionate about something is, in my opinion, a privilege not all of us are privy to. Having the opportunity to find something that brings us true joy isn’t something we’re all fortunate enough to experience, but it really is an incredible concept.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my own passions as of late and whether or not I’m giving them the amount of attention they’re worthy of. Granted, life can get crazy, and we’re all guilty of dedicating too much of our time to things that don’t necessarily bring us happiness but instead take precedence. Exploring our passions should take priority, though, to some extent, and I firmly believe many of us aren’t delving into our passions as much as we could be.

As an example, one of my passions is agricultural advocacy, and ultimately agriculture itself. I discuss the topic when an opportunity presents itself, and I try to stay up to date with emerging news and events. I don’t necessarily take the time to explore the topic further out of pleasure, but I really should as I enjoy doing so. Something as simple as doing a bit of research a few times a week is one way to better explore this passion of mine, and doing so wouldn’t be a difficult feat.

We may not perceive our passions as something that requires emphasis and attention, but I think it would be beneficial if we did. If we put as much time and effort into our passions as we did our daily responsibilities, I think we would be happier people overall.

I encourage you to consider your passions from an alternate perspective. One with enthusiasm and dedication, and I would assume that your passion would take on an entirely new meaning in time, and stay that way.

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