Here’s how to get out of that cooking rut

Cooking, as wonderful and exciting as it can be, can quickly become redundant. Over time we become comfortable with certain dishes, allowing them to become routine and failing to excite our tastebuds in the process. My mom has always said that the longer she cooks, the more difficult it becomes. My food intolerances and sensitivities … More Here’s how to get out of that cooking rut

Purging emotion through creativity

Feeling overwhelmed isn’t exactly a pleasant feeling. Depending on the context of what’s causing you to feel inundated with stress, sometimes it can feel like we’re drowning in our own thoughts, unable to designate clarity. Feeling overwhelmed isn’t a permanent state of mind, though. In fact, there’s several ways to go about ridding our minds … More Purging emotion through creativity

Summer date ideas

Dating, as fun as it can be, can be somewhat problematic in terms of activity ideas. It’s far easier to simply stay in for the night with some snacks and Netflix as opposed to planning out a fun-filled day, so often times we get somewhat lazy and settle for the simpler option. As great as … More Summer date ideas

Writer’s Block

If you’ve ever encountered writer’s block, chances are you know how insanely frustrating it is. You are staring at a blank screen, or perhaps a blank sheet of paper, pen in hand or hands hovering over the keyboard waiting for inspiration to strike, but nothing comes. You try and force yourself to think of something, … More Writer’s Block