Tips for naming your pet

A little while ago I wrote a post dedicated to my family’s sweet pup named Jake. He passed away about a month-and-a-half ago, and it is still difficult for me to discuss and even contemplate his passing for an extended period of time as he was such an integral component of our daily lives here on our farm, and was a true member of our family.

Jake’s passing is still fresh, but as a family we agreed that we will be getting a dog at some point in the near future. As it turns out, we are getting three blue heeler puppies in December, the same breed Jake and his brother Sam were, and we are intensely anticipating their arrival to their new home.

Because we are getting three pups (two boys and one girl), we have started discussing potential names for them. As a family we agreed that everyone has to be in agreement with a chosen name, and so far we have come up with quite a few options, all of which are unique and fitting in their own way.

Throughout the process of trying to figure out what to name these cuties, it became apparent that choosing names for pets can be tricky, especially if there is more than one person involved in the decision-making process. It became obvious that shorter names are often ideal for pets as they are quick and easy to say, and names containing one syllable are ideal for this reason.

Another helpful tip when it comes to naming pets is to keep in mind that while you may think you are set on a specific name, your choice could be swayed when you see your pet in person. Sometimes it is best to refrain from picking a name until you have physically seen the animal, but having a few options to have in the back of your mind isn’t a bad idea.

Overall, naming pets is an entirely subjective process, but I think keeping things simple is the best way to go about making this decision.

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