Praise for AC/DC’s ‘Power Up’

On November 13, a little bit of humanity was restored when AC/DC released their newest album titled Power Up. Being their 17th studio album and their 16th international album, there has been a lot of anticipation for this musical masterpiece to become available, especially considering they haven’t produced an album since 2014.

Featuring the combined talents of Brian Johnson, lead vocalist; Phil Rudd, drummer; Cliff Williams, bassist and backing vocalist; Stevie Young, rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist; and Angus Young, lead guitarist, it really is noteworthy that these lads have once again come together to create some pretty fantastic music considering the numerous obstacles they’ve been forced to overcome within the band. Malcolm Young, one of the founding members of the band and former rhythm guitarist and songwriter passed away in 2017, and while for a while it seemed as though Malcolm’s death would be the end of the band, Angus, his brother, says Power Up is a tribute to Malcolm. In fact, each song on this album is credited to the Young brothers as Angus selected unreleased songs to include in this album.

The album’s tracks are as follows:

  • Realize
  • Rejection
  • Shot in the Dark
  • Through the Mists of Time
  • Kick You When You’re Down
  • Witch’s Spell
  • Demon Fire
  • Wild Reputation
  • No Man’s Land
  • Systems Down
  • Money Shot
  • Code Red

I’ve listened to the album more than once, and so far my favourite songs include Shot in the Dark, Kick You When You’re Down and Witch’s Spell, although the entire album really is a testament to AC/DC’s timeless sound of classic rock and roll.

If you’re an AC/DC fan or a fan of rock music in general, I cannot stress giving this album a listen enough. This year has been pretty shitty, but this is without a doubt some welcome and exciting news.

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