Here’s how to get out of that cooking rut

Cooking, as wonderful and exciting as it can be, can quickly become redundant. Over time we become comfortable with certain dishes, allowing them to become routine and failing to excite our tastebuds in the process.

My mom has always said that the longer she cooks, the more difficult it becomes. My food intolerances and sensitivities certainly don’t play a positive role in her struggles with creative cooking, and she often says that cooking, over time, gets a little irritating.

While I haven’t been cooking for nearly as long as my mom has, I, too, experienced a wee bit of boredom when I was cooking for myself while in school. It’s so easy to fall into a rut when you’re cooking for yourself, and I eventually came to the realization that the repetition occurring in my cooking was causing me to become pretty bored with my diet.

I was scrolling through my Apple News app the other day and came across a meal-prepping article from Buzzfeed. The dishes presented in this article look absolutely divine, and the further I got in reading the article, the more apparent the simplicity of these dishes became. Many of the dishes listed in the article share one common base, for example, jerk chicken, though are made versatile though the different flavour combinations paired with each variation.

I think a lot of us convince ourselves that good cooking has to be complicated, but it really doesn’t. Do some research via Pinterest, Tasty, Goodful and Buzzfeed, all of which are fantastic recipe sources, and see how you can spice up your culinary repertoire. The wonderful thing about cooking is that we’re able to create and adapt dishes to our own liking, so there really is no reason as to why the food we eat should be boring.

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