Writer’s Block

If you’ve ever encountered writer’s block, chances are you know how insanely frustrating it is. You are staring at a blank screen, or perhaps a blank sheet of paper, pen in hand or hands hovering over the keyboard waiting for inspiration to strike, but nothing comes. You try and force yourself to think of something, anything, to at least start writing, but the harder you try, the more irritated you become.

Yeah, writer’s block is the shits. It’s actually what has prompted the topic of this post. I literally could not think of anything to blog about, so I figured why not discuss writer’s block, a challenge that presents itself to many writers from time to time.

I find writer’s block to be rather bizarre. Sometimes I feel as though I could write for days at a time, pumping out post after post because my imagination is running wild with ideas. Other times, however, I stare numbly at my laptop screen, finding myself distracted with my surroundings and unable to come up with anything relatively decent to write about.

The good news is that writer’s block is absolutely normal, and is actually relatively common amongst those of us who write frequently. It seriously comes out of nowhere, which is what I find to be particularly frustrating, but it doesn’t last forever, so try not to panic too much.

You can try different things to attempt to spark your creativity, but for me personally, I find walking away from my laptop and coming back to it a while later is the most effective way to overcome writer’s block. Some people do research, go for walks, step outside, or listen to music to amplify their creative juices, but everyone is different, and what works for one person may not work for another.

Don’t let writer’s block get the best of you. Let it run its course and then come back with a vegenance.

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