The importance of finding your muse

Designating something in our lives that inspires us and evokes creativity is so important. Yet, I question how many of us have been able to identify our own muse.

Finding whatever we’re passionate about can be a bit of a gray area. Perhaps we’re overwhelmed with focalizing one specific passion because we have several; perhaps we’re overwhelmed with finding a passion of ours period. Whatever the case may be, recognizing something in our lives that we’re enthusiastic about is vital because it can be a source of tremendous happiness for us.

Take a second to contemplate what it is that gets you going, if you will. What excites you? What ignites a fiery passion deep in your soul? It could be something as simple as going for a walk with your dog every evening, or it could be something as complex as pinpointing an idea for a future novel. That’s the beauty of an individualistic muse – what you exhibit vehemence towards is unique to yourself, depending on what interests you.

For me, writing is my muse. I’m able to express myself creatively through syntax and the English language while simultaneously communicating with others, and I genuinely struggle to fathom my life without writing, or language in general.

The reason I wanted to discuss this topic in a blog post is that I often think that the current state of our society conditions us to lose focus of our muse. Jobs take over personal time, life stresses cloud our perception of what it is that makes us happy, and soon, we’re having difficulty pinpointing what it was that we were once so fervent about.

No matter how hectic life gets, we must prioritize our own passions. They’re what keeps us going, and without them, the world would be a rather bleak place.

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