Homesense: a one-stop shopping haven

It’s possible you read the title of this post and said to yourself:

“Really? A blog post about Homesense?”

And, if this was your reaction, it’s rather understandable. Homesense may not be what you consider to be a worthy for a blog post, but I’m hoping to change your mind.

About a week ago I managed to get coconut oil all over my bedding (don’t ask how). In case you’re unaware, coconut oil is a nightmare to clean, and if you happen to get it all over your mattress cover, sheets and body pillow like I did, you may as well throw them all in the trash. The stuff does not come out.

So, since I ruined my bedding, I needed some new stuff. My mom and I ventured out to Homesense, and my mind was blown.

I had been to Homesense once or twice in the past, but I guess I failed to recognize how jam-packed these stores are. Walking in is like entering an HGTV star’s dream, and it’s a lot to take in.

Homesense literally has something for everyone. Whether it be cooking tools, bedding, furniture, candles or knickknacks, this store is your one-stop shop for anything home-related, and then some. The candle section is deadly, though, so don’t venture into that territory unless you have some spare time.

In addition to having a little bit of everything, Homesense is further incredibly reasonable. I would compare it to a Winners in terms of costliness, as many items in the store are highly recognized brands, just with a reduced price tag attached. I actually got the fake potted succulent arrangement featured in the header image for this post for a mere ten dollars.

Can’t complain with that.

If you haven’t been in a Homesense, get to one. Your world will be changed.

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