Read this for some DIY Christmas gift inspiration

As much as I would like to think I am a crafty person, I’m really not. Sure, I’ve dabbled in some crafts and creations over the years, and while some have turned out relatively decent, the majority have not.

It’s quite possible my creations don’t turn out as they please due to my lack of patience. Crafts and impatience aren’t exactly pals.

While I’m no Picasso, I realize that there are a lot of us who are talented when it comes to making crafts and other DIY projects. With Christmas approaching, I thought it might be fun to share some DIY Christmas gift inspiration with all of you in case anyone wishes to outdo themselves and come to Christmas dinner with a homemade reindeer centrepiece or some shit.

These ideas come from

  • Take a stab at painting some dishes or other pieces of pottery
  • Dress up a bottle of wine by covering it with the sleeve from an old sweater
  • Using an online service, create a personalized calendar
  • Try making some homemade body products, for example, scrubs and bath salts
  • Make a homemade jewelry holder using a plank of wood and some neat fixtures
  • Create a welcome sign for someone to place outside of their door
  • You can’t go wrong with some classic baking – the gift of food is one everyone loves
  • Make some fancy salt and pepper blends by adding in some spices and herbs
  • Do the same thing using sugar and add in some vanilla extract or some cinnamon or brown sugar
  • If you can knit, gift someone a handmade blanket, scarf, or even some pot holders

I tried to provide some ideas that don’t require a doctorate degree and a threshold of tools to create. Here’s hoping someone can draw some inspiration from these ideas or even use them to create your own unique gift.

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