Redecorating a space? Consider using Pinterest

My love for Pinterest is no secret. I’ve been using it for a few years now, and although I initially used to to pass time in my three hour English lectures in university, I’ve come to realize just how handy this website/app can be in a variety of ways.

Pinterest, in case you’re unfamiliar with what it consists of, is a website (which can also be downloaded as an app) that works as a sort of virtual bulletin board. You can browse through a series of categories, depending on what you’re using it for, with some examples being food and drink, home decor, fashion and humour.

I’m not exaggerating when I say there is something for everyone on Pinterest. It’s pretty awesome.

If you happen to find something that strikes your fancy, you can save it, or pin it, to your own virtual bulletin board, which you can create with themes or categories if you so desire. I have a few different boards, but my home decor board has been growing as of late because of the endless genius and creative decoration ideas I’ve discovered via the website.

A simple search of DIY home decor ideas using Pinterest can have anyone feeling thoroughly inspired about decorating their own space. The amount of unique and relatively simple craft ideas that exist on Pinterest is honestly incredible, and while I’m not currently in a position to be decorating my own home as of yet, I imagine when that day comes, I will be well prepared thanks to this site.

Whether it be picture frames, mirrors, shoe racks, door signs, table centrepieces or photo collage ideas, you can find ideas for anything home decor-related via Pinterest. I truly can’t recommend it enough, and for a multitude of different reasons. Give it a try.

Photo credit: <a href=”″>JeepersMedia</a&gt; on <a href=”″></a&gt; / <a href=””&gt; CC BY</a>

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