Here’s why T.I.’s parenting of his daughter propagates social patriarchy

In case you haven’t heard, rapper T.I. has created quite a stir as of late as a result of him sharing some rather unbelievable details pertaining to his parenting antics.

An article from CTV news explains how during an episode of a podcast called “Ladies Like Us” the rapper explained how he accompanies his daughter to the gynecologist every year to receive confirmation that her hymen is still intact.

A woman’s hymen, if you weren’t aware, is commonly associated with the notion of virginity. It is a widespread belief that if a woman’s hymen is intact, she is still a virgin as the hymen can break during sex. The hymen can also break, however, doing a variety of different activities, with some examples being horseback riding and playing sports. You can arguably understand, therefore, how and why an intact or broken hymen really doesn’t mean jack shit, and further, how it doesn’t accurately reflect a woman’s sex life.

While T.I.’s choice to accompany his daughter to her gynecologist visits may seem super inappropriate and weird, you might be wondering why it’s created such an outrage from women in particular. The answer is because his behaviour perpetuates the concept of patriarchy by normalizing the belief that a woman is a mans property and therefore her own private rights to her body are equally his. T.I.’s absurd behaviour suggests that his daughters body and functions are as much his business as they are hers, and it’s pretty messed up.

Several doctors and organizations have taken to Twitter to express their disapproval of the rapper’s statements, and I don’t blame them whatsoever. I was disgusted when I read the article, and I would be pretty shocked if anyone disagrees.

There’s a saying you like to use when it comes to the concept of women’s rights to their own bodies: no uterus, no opinion.

Perhaps T.I. could learn something from this ideology.

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