Have you thanked a farmer recently?

The agricultural industry is a tough one. Farming consists of a significant amount of time, work and effort, and is unfortunately often times at the mercy of Mother Nature.

This year has been exceptionally tough for members of the ag industry. Between COVID-19 and the setbacks and complications caused by it and a tremendously dry season, a lot of farmers are facing one of the toughest years they’ve seen.

Many farmers are struggling with an overwhelming workload and a reduction in help. COVID-19 delayed the arrival of essential migrant workers and actually prevented many from arriving to their destination farms, therefore a lot of producers are facing escalated levels of stress.

I wanted to write a post about this because I feel as though a lot of us are entirely unaware of the obstacles and challenges farmers are facing right now. Agriculture certainly is not the only industry that has been tremendously influenced by COVID-19, but I would argue it is one that has been hit the hardest by the virus’ repercussions, and I don’t think there is enough recognition being issued towards this problem.

Farmers, farm workers, migrant workers and all members of the industry truly don’t receive enough support for what they do. It is a difficult industry to work in, and I would argue that a lot of producers feel as though they’re somewhat isolated in terms of assistance and the tools and resources they require to aid them with the incredulous stress and pressure they face throughout the growing season. We have undeniably seen the effects of COVID-19 on our own farm, and we are not alone. Farmers are struggling right now, and they need our help.

I encourage you to take the time to thank a member of the agricultural industry for everything they do and are doing in such a challenging time. It means more than you will ever know.

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