Gaining knowledge on the farm

I mentioned in a post a little while ago that a lot of us are finding ourselves having to contribute a little more than usual to certain things in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Perhaps these contributions are voluntary, or maybe they’re mandatory, but either way, a lot of us have had to pick up our socks to help out in more ways than once as of late.

One thing I’ve been doing quite a bit more of since the coronavirus broke out is helping out doing more jobs on the farm that I never have before. I will be totally honest and admit that while some of these jobs are quite daunting at first, after some time passes and some repetition occurs, I’ve made out okay.

For example, this year my cousins and I helped to open up ginseng shade cloth to protect the crop underneath. None of us had ever done this job before, and the first day was a shit show. But, by the end of it, we had a solid feel for it, and I now have a far more advanced appreciation for the amount of work that goes into this particular crop as well as a deepened understanding of the various elements of the crop.

We also helped plant tobacco this year, another job none of us have done before. I’ve done more new things on our family farm these past few months than I ever have, and I’m really grateful for it. Granted, the circumstances contributing to us doing these jobs aren’t ideal, but we have been able to gain new skills and knowledge and enhance our appreciation for agricultural work in the process.

A few months ago, I had no clue what these past few months had in store for me regarding farm work, but I can say I’m damn glad I’ve been able to do some things I never have before.

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