Working through familial conflict

Fighting with loved ones sucks. It is difficult to battle it out with someone you love and to hear and dish out hurtful words, and even more so when that particular person is an immediate family member.

A couple of nights ago, my family and I got into it with each other. The argument, at first, was ultimately between my dad and me, but as it progressed, my mom and sister became involved as well.

Things got off to a rocky start considering tempers were heightened and patience was thin for everyone. Thankfully, my sister acted as a sort of referee and brought us all back down to a non-deafening level, and from there we were able to effectively hash some things out.

My sister and I were chatting about it a few hours later, and she made a comment that truly resonated with me. She stated that you have to know how to argue with different members of your family if you hope to keep the peace, and personally, I think she is one hundred per cent correct.

Think about it. Nine times out of ten, members of a single-family are all rather different from one another, from personalities to pizza preferences. Therefore it’s relatively safe to say that all members of a family handle conflict differently, and so we also have to be conscious of how to best address said conflict, depending on which family member it is with.

As shitty as it can be to quarrel with family, it is said that we are often hardest on the ones we love the most, so it isn’t necessarily difficult to understand why familial arguments occur. Rather than diving into the conflict head first, stop and think about how to best handle the problem with that family member. It could end up proving to be more beneficial than you may think.

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