Designating a work/life balance

Maintaining a healthy balance between work and our personal lives can be incredibly difficult at times. Depending on the circumstance, perhaps we find it almost impossible to establish a separation between the two, contributing to feelings of stress and frustration in the process.

Depending on your line of work, and even your upbringing, you may find it more challenging than others to establish a healthy work/life balance. Take farming, for instance. For most farmers, their work is done from home, meaning the temptation to work constantly is far stronger than it may be for those who work away from home. Sure, a farmer may feel a bit of separation when their in their house, but the work is always just outside, making it difficult to walk away from the job.

I’ve come to understand the significance of having a work/life balance in recent years. I personally have trouble distinguishing my own work/life balance, likely because I’ve lived and grown up on a farm. I’ve realized, though, that taking care of ourselves is one of the best investment we can make long term, and sometimes, walking away from the work can be the best thing we do for ourselves.

Something I remind myself of when I’m struggling to separate my work and my personal life is the ideology that the work that I’m stressing to complete will still be there tomorrow. I tell myself it isn’t going anywhere, and that taking the evening off to take care of myself won’t hinder the progress of the work when I get back to it the following day. It’s trying to maintain this mindset, but it is an effective strategy.

I can’t recommend having a work/life balance enough. It really can make or break a person, and it’s up to you which end of the spectrum you fall on.

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