Boost your brain with these apps

Mobile phones often get a bad wrap. Contemporary society places emphasis on the use of technology and innovation, and these innovations can contribute to separation issues when it comes to our phones.

While the issue of addiction in the context of mobile phones is a prominent one, we’ll save that topic for another day. Yes, technology can be problematic, but it can also be beneficial in terms of apps that can be used with a mobile phone.

I did a little bit of research to determine which mobile apps can somewhat minimize the negative effects of phones in terms of the benefits they present to those who make use of them. An article from Parade offers a description of five of the best apps to increase brain function, and I thought it would be interesting to delve into these apps a little further.

Here are the five apps recommended by Parade to enhance overall brain function:

  1. Lumosity: “Created by more than 100 researchers from around the globe and launched in 2007, this was one of the first apps in the brain-training empire. The brain games are colorful and entertaining, with exercises devised to help improve five areas of cognitive function: problem-solving, memory, attention, speed and flexibility.
  2. Peak: “Fun and stimulating mini-games ‘push you hard with short, intense workouts’ with mental gymnastics to help boost memory, problem-solving, concentration, language and more. Utilizing research from scientists from prestigious universities like Cambridge and Yale, Peak was rated by Google in 2016 as one of the best Android apps.
  3. Elevate: “Described by Business Insider as ‘professional and polished-looking,’ Elevate sets you up with daily entertaining-yet-challenging games to help build your communication and analytical abilities. Their mini-games are geared toward strengthening your focus, memory, reading comprehension and other cognitive skills.
  4. Cognifit Brain Fitness: “What stands out in this app designed by neuroscientists are its specific programs to ‘stimulate or rehabilitate’ brain function in people with conditions like dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, brain injuries and more. If you thrive on social interaction (which also can help keep your brain healthy), you can challenge friends and see how you rank in real-time monitoring.
  5. Mensa Brain Training: “Perception, recall and logic are all parts of mental acuity, and Mensa-approved exercises help strengthen these and more. The games, which allow you to chart your progress over time, may not admit you to Mensa’s high-IQ society, but you can test your mental savvy in a fun and challenging way. Their tailored training program developed by puzzle experts challenges memory, concentration, agility, perception and reasoning and was rated as the number one entertainment app in 17 countries.”

I suppose if we’re going to be addicted to our phones, we may as well use them to benefit us in some regard.

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