Cannabis and yoga: a how-to guide

Yoga, as we all know, is a fantastic means to engage in meditation and mindfulness. It offers a multitude of benefits to those who practise it as “there are several different types of yoga that practitioners can take part in that combine different postures, meditation, breathing techniques, and relaxation,” an article originally published at Foli says.

So, referencing the title of this post, how exactly does cannabis come into play in the context of practicing yoga?

Well, “the inclusion of cannabis within the yoga community is a natural and easy one, given how the use of cannabis can help put a person’s mind and body at ease, and promote mental focus … incorporating legal cannabis with yoga is becoming increasingly popular,” the article explains.

As for the term used to recognize combining cannabis use with yoga?

“Known as ‘ganja yoga,’ this practice is exactly what it sounds like: smoking or otherwise indulging in cannabis products before practicing yoga.”

I don’t know about you, but personally, I think the culmination of yoga with weed sounds pretty dope, no pun intended.

And, in case it doesn’t appeal to you on first glance, ganja yoga is a rather beneficial practice.

One tremendous benefit of this form of yoga involves the “mindfulness aspect. A big part of yoga involves quieting the mind and connecting to the spirit, and the marijuana plant’s relaxing effect can help yogis achieve a heightened state of meditation.”

Other benefits of ganja yoga include reducing inflammation in the body, minimizing pain, calming anxiety, heightening the senses, and lowering inhibitions, the article states.

For yoga studios that offer this form of meditation, participants can either smoke up prior to beginning the class, although some studios “may even have different marijuana products available to sample, including edibles and tinctures.”

Ganja yoga is gaining popularity in the U.S., specifically L.A., though considering the legalization of cannabis here in Canada, I’m curious as to whether or not it will make an appearance in this country.

O, cannabis!

Image from FOLI


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