A lack of agricultural understanding

I came across a Tweet recently that, quite honestly, made my blood boil.

It’s probable that the individual who posted this Tweet did so merely to spark outrage and reaction from other Twitter users, hence why I chose not to engage. However, their opinion towards farming and further farmers is incredibly disrespectful, and the user has encountered tremendous criticism for sharing his opinion from a variety of folks.

This is the Tweet:


I apologize for including the profanity, but I think it’s relevant. I also cropped out this user’s handle, however, I’m pretty sure a quick search would prove to be successful if you’re wanting to find it.

I could write about how incredibly ignorant this person is, as many other Twitter users have as a response to this Tweet. But really, what good will that do?

Some of the responses from ag industry members are pretty hilarious, though, if you’re looking for a laugh.

I could respond to them personally and attack them for their ludicrous perception of the hard-working men and women who put food on our tables, but I really don’t think they would give a shit, considering they posted this in the first place.

The bottom line is that there is a major disconnect between consumers and farmers, and education is the only means of addressing the misunderstanding that exists towards agriculture. In a perfect world, people who are unsure of how their food is made, and where it comes from, would do their own research in order to avoid ignorant comments like the one made in the Tweet, but that rarely happens.

So, how do we bridge the gap between those who farm our food and those who buy it?

Good question. I’m not sure there’s a concrete answer, but doing some research is a start.

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