Three signs that book you’re reading is a keeper

Reading can be a truly incredible experience. Depending on the text you’re reading, and further, your level of interest in said text, reading can be an experience that isn’t easily forgotten.

On the other hand, it can also be a nightmare if you’re reading a book that fails to peak your interest.

Reading is something I’ve been passionate about since I was in grade three or so. The books that spurred my love for reading into high gear are none other than the Harry Potter series, and to date, I’ve read each book roughly seven or eight times.

I lost count.

And while I’m certainly not attempting to suggest that your favourite books have to be re-read a ludicrous amount of time, I firmly believe that there are key indications affiliated with a book that has a lasting impact on its readers.

One such indication would be the ability to read and re-read a given text many times without becoming tired of it. I find re-reading some of my favourite books allows me to pick up on things I may not have noticed before.

Another sign the book you’re reading is a good one is if you have difficulty putting it down. If you’re an avid reader, you know this is a thing, and if you’ve experienced it yourself with a certain text, it’s a good indication it’s one to hold on to.

Losing track of time while reading is also a sign that the book you’re reading isn’t one to pass off to someone else. If you’re able to become so immersed in a text you forget to look at the clock, it’s likely a great story.

If you consider yourself a reader, I sincerely hope you’ve been able to experience some or all of these book-related criteria. And, if not, not to worry; there’s a lot of books out there waiting to be read.

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