Stop comparing and start celebrating

Social media, as wonderful as it can be, can simultaneously be destructive towards those who make use of it. And by destructive, I’m referring to the inevitable occurrence of comparison that comes with social media.

It’s extremely difficult to avoid comparing ourselves to others when we’re scrolling through our social media timelines. We compare ourselves to other users physically, mentally, and further in terms of money, occupation, livelihood and happiness. We become indifferent to the implications that present themselves with persistent comparisons, and, in the process, hinder our own self-esteem.

Rather than seeing someone else on social media and measuring our worth based on theirs, depending how they project themselves via social media, why not celebrate our differences? Why must we automatically view the actions of others and feel insignificant because ours may not match theirs?

Something worth keeping in mind in the context of social media is that users are able to present themselves subjectively. We have the power to post the good as opposed to the bad, therefore making social media depictions inaccurate in some cases. Why are we comparing ourselves to something we’re not sure is legitimate? Further, why has it become socially acceptable to do so?

Celebrate yourself and others next time you’re using social media and see if you can recognize a difference in how you’re feeling. It may be the best thing you do for yourself.

Body image issues and a lack of self-esteem are two very prevalent problems in present-day society, and social media is a major contributor to both. Hence why I’m asking that we focus on celebrating our differences as opposed to determining our worth through comparison. Social media is overflowing with fabrications, and it simply does not make sense to allow our own confidence to falter because of something we believe to be true.

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