Satin pillowcases: worth the money?

I wrote a post the other day about satin pillowcases and whether or not they’re worth investing in. I explained in this post how I’ve been hearing an awful lot about both satin and silk pillowcases and how they’re a game changer for those of us who make use of them regarding hair and skin.

I bit the bullet and ended up buying some satin pillowcases for myself via Amazon. I got a two-pack for $30.00, which is quite reasonable, and I’ve been wanting to offer my honest review of satin pillowcases and if they’re truly worth the hype when it comes to sleeping.

Side note: to clarify, satin and silk are different. There is a lot of confusion as to which is which, and whether or not one is better than the other. Silk is a finer material than satin and is therefore a lot more expensive; silk is a splurge item. Satin, on the other hand, is far more affordable, hence how I got mine for a decent price. I decided to give the satin pillowcases a try to see if I like them before investing in an expensive silk one.

I’ve been using my satin pillowcase for a few days now, and while I haven’t noticed a startling change in either my skin or hair as of yet, I imagine results will become more prominent after a few weeks. I have, however, noticed that the overall feel of a satin pillowcase is pretty luxurious; satin tends to stay cool, making it a refreshing and pleasant feel to skin, and it’s incredibly soft as well.

Personally, I do recommend satin pillowcases because of how comfortable they are and the fact they aren’t crazy expensive. Silk, on the other hand, is a bit out of my price range, and if the feel and effects of a silk pillowcase are similar to a satin one, I say save your money and go with the cheaper option. They’re pretty great regardless.

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