13 things you need to start doing to be a happier person

Being happy is important.

A rather simple statement, yes, though one that runs deep with legitimacy and significance. If you aren’t happy, it’s difficult to designate reasoning to continue to move forward and progress in this crazy thing we call life.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I haven’t really been feeling like myself as of late. So, I thought I would compose a suggestive list of some things that may allow someone to be happier overall.

They may appeal to you, or they may not. Either way, if they can offer some positivity to someone, then seize the opportunity to start being happier and run with it.

And, if you have your own strategies and techniques to maintain your happiness, share them with others. Something that you’re doing for yourself that may seem insignificant could make a world of difference to someone else.

  1. Stop worrying about the opinions of those who aren’t relevant.
  2. Take the time to explore new and exciting things that appeal to you.
  3. Read more. Seriously.
  4. Cut down the amount of time you spend on social media.
  5. Take care of yourself – mentally and physically.
  6. Be open to change, when needed, and embrace new opportunities.
  7. Get more sleep.
  8. Remove toxic influences from your life, regardless of who they are and their relation to you.
  9. Start doing more of what makes you happy, and spend less time doing things that make others happy but sacrifice your own joy.
  10. Spend more time outside.
  11. Get active – something as simple as going for a walk can boost your mood.
  12. Stand up for yourself.
  13. Be yourself.

This list likely contains advice you’ve heard already, but ask yourself whether or not you’re listening to the advice you’ve heard. In order to make progress, changes and effort have to be implemented in the appropriate context.

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