Unity in the automotive world

On the weekend, my dad hosted a little get together in one of our barns with many of the friends he’s met through his involvement with local car clubs.

Perhaps I should use the term gathering instead of get together, as quite a few folks came out. Either way, it was a great opportunity to meet some of the guys he knows in these clubs, and chat with ones I’ve met in the past.

I couldn’t help but notice over the duration of the gathering just how unified automotive clubs can be. My dad belongs to two car clubs – The Piston Pushers, based in Brantford, Ont., and The East London Timing Association (ELTA), based in London, Ont. Members from both clubs came out to our farm for a morning of coffee, chili and conversation, and despite being from different clubs, so many of the people who attended made it immediately known that separation, or divides, isn’t a common thing in the automotive industry.

I’m also conscious of how friendly these clubs are whenever I’m in the presence of their members. I didn’t know roughly half of the guests who attended my dad’s shindig, but you can be sure that I was introduced to, or introduced myself to everyone present.

The presence of friendships in the automotive clubs my dad belongs to is also palpable in gatherings like these. I always feel extremely comfortable, relaxed, and welcome when I’m at car-related events, and I always have a great time, too, despite the little knowledge I possess about classic cars.

I can honestly say that the men and women I’ve met through my dad and his involvement with these clubs are some of the best people I know, and while these people are friends with my dad, I consider them friends of my own as well. There’s something about the atmosphere when these people gather, and it’s something worth experiencing for yourself.

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