Grappling with the unchangeable

Sometimes in life, we’re presented with circumstances that are well beyond the sphere of our control. This can be difficult to process, considering as humans we have a tendency to want to delve into something that requires repair or attention in order to better it.

And, as hard as we may try to rectify the situation, sometimes change is out of our reach, and we are left to deal with an unchangeable situation.

Personally, I struggle with navigating things that are beyond my control. I am very much a go-getter, someone who seeks out resolution when conflict arises, and further, someone who prefers to mend a situation promptly, rather than allowing it to fester and potentially worsen. You can imagine, therefore, my struggle with circumstances that are beyond my influence, and also my frustration with my inability to make things right.

My dad has always encouraged me to refrain from stressing over things I can’t change, and as simple as this advice may be, it holds a lot of validity. If we are fully conscious that a situation cannot be altered by our influence, why issue our thoughts, emotions, concerns and time towards it? When it’s blatantly presented in such a logical manner, this advice seems obvious.

Letting go is hard, especially when it isn’t something you wish to do. However, if you have invested effort in a situation to try and change it with no results, letting go is likely necessary.

In the words of Steve Maraboli, “the truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.”
Perhaps it would benefit all of us to take a step back when facing a difficult situation and allow the validity of this statement to sink in.

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