The significance of compromise

As I’ve already mentioned a few times in various posts, Blaine, who is now my husband, and I are in the process of getting settled in our new home. Things are certainly better now than they were about a week ago; all of our possessions are now in the home, so it is a matter … More The significance of compromise

Navigating chaos

Married life, although quite short in duration at this point in time, has been interesting, to say the least. When I say interesting, I’m not even referring to my husband, Blaine; he is a quirky lad, but he isn’t what has made our married situation unique. Rather, we have a newly renovated house we are … More Navigating chaos

Feeling lost? It could be a good thing

The sensations of feeling saddened or overwhelmed aren’t exactly the most desirable ways to categorize our feelings, normally speaking. We typically associate the concept of feeling lost with negativity and therefore don’t try to make ourselves feel such a way, but according to an article from The Good News Network, “If You Feel Like Things … More Feeling lost? It could be a good thing

PSA: It’s okay to struggle sometimes in relationships

I firmly believe that maintaining a positive and healthy relationship with a partner is more difficult in today’s society than it has ever been in the past. Between a dependency on social media, the rising cost of living, and communication difficulties, it’s easy to understand how and why relationships fail nowadays. Perhaps the separation between … More PSA: It’s okay to struggle sometimes in relationships