PSA: It’s okay to struggle sometimes in relationships

I firmly believe that maintaining a positive and healthy relationship with a partner is more difficult in today’s society than it has ever been in the past.

Between a dependency on social media, the rising cost of living, and communication difficulties, it’s easy to understand how and why relationships fail nowadays. Perhaps the separation between two people is the best option for both of them. Perhaps separating is not what a couple desires, but it’s what they perceive as the only option in regard to achieving a resolution.

While separation is sometimes the best option for a couple, depending on the relationship, it’s important to keep in mind that relationships will likely involve challenges at some point. You are your partner will arguably experience highs and lows throughout the duration of your relationship, and, at some point, chances are one of both of you is going to be tempted to throw in the towel.

Maybe throwing in the towel really is the best option for some of us, but I encourage us to acknowledge that relationships are typically not full of rainbows and butterflies all the time. In fact, depending on the situation, it’s probable that rainbows and butterflies tend to present themselves less often than difficult decisions, pressing decisions and harsh words.

Relationships are hard. They push you to be a better person, to make sacrifices, and to work through the shit in order to find the diamonds. They’re not something to be abandoned as soon as things become difficult. They’re not disposable entities that can be easily forgotten and buried in our self conscious. They’re nourishing, character-building, and rewarding things that we are fortunate enough to experience with the ones we love.

If a relationship becomes toxic, it is unquestionably time to sever ties with the person involved in said relationship. However, there is a hard line that stands between toxicity and difficulty, and I think most of us would benefit from learning to work hard at something that pays itself off tenfold.

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