Not a cat person? You’re missing out

So often I come across people that self-identify as either a cat person or a dog person. My question is, why can’t a person love both dogs and cats?

I realize that many of us do, in fact, identify as someone who loves cats and dogs equally. I include myself in that identification. What intrigues me, however, is that some people truly do not like cats, and honestly, I have a difficult time comprehending this.

Perhaps some of us have legitimate reasoning for not liking cats. Maybe you had a traumatic experience with one and you simply cannot learn to re-trust these sassy creatures again. Perhaps you’ve simply never had a cat and are therefore unaware of how darn hilarious and quirky they can be. Whatever your reasoning, whether it’s warranted or not, I urge you to give cats another chance to witness just how entertaining they can be as pets.

We have five cats on our family farm, and all of them have their own unique personality. Milo is extremely playful and mischevious; Peach is a gentle giant who is very curious; Otis is a vocal lover of affection; Lionel is a bit moody and quite high maintenance; Bean, or Gemma, is downright weird; and Blackie, who is a neighborhood cat who tends to drop in for a visit every once and a while. But, we love them all in their own quirky ways, and my family and I have difficulty imagining our lives without them.

Cats are a fantastic option for anyone looking for some low-maintenance companionship. Cats often keep to themselves, but they will let you know if they want attention, and for someone living alone, they would make a great addition to any space.

If you’re someone who shies away from cats, consider giving them another chance. They may just surprise you, and I guarantee you’ll find yourself laughing at them more often than you may have anticipated.

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