Navigating chaos

Married life, although quite short in duration at this point in time, has been interesting, to say the least. When I say interesting, I’m not even referring to my husband, Blaine; he is a quirky lad, but he isn’t what has made our married situation unique. Rather, we have a newly renovated house we are excited to move into, but we continue to encounter obstacles which prevent us from being able to do so.

Our house was ready to be moved into a few days before our wedding. Knowing in advance this is how things would play out, Blaine and I agreed to move our things into our future home right after the wedding. We figured we had enough on our plates leading up to the big day, and we were right. Had we tried moving our things into a new home on top of preparing for the wedding, it is arguable that a funeral would be the next event in succession.

We have moved all of our things into our house, but we aren’t living in it as of yet. We noticed upon moving our belongings in that there are a few renovation items that need to be attended to, such as installing a vent for our dryer, hooking up our stove, and installing rods in our closets to be able to hang our clothing up.

Currently, our home resembles Chornobyl in the sense there is shit everywhere, and it’s a wee bit chaotic.

Is it frustrating we can’t yet officially live in our home? Yes, it is. Is there anything Blaine and I can do to change the situation at hand? No. Are we making the best of it and navigating the shitshow as best we can? Yes, we are.

Married life may not be what we were anticipating thus far, but we are excited for what is to come.

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