Looking for a wedding venue? Read this

This past weekend, Blaine and I and his mom and dad attended a lovely wedding in Flamborough, Ontario. The groom is a friend and co-worker of Blaine’s, as well as Blaine’s dad, and we had been looking forward to the celebration since our invitation arrived in the mail. The now newlyweds chose The Earth to … More Looking for a wedding venue? Read this


Allow me to clarify the title of this post. Blaine, my husband, is a quirky guy, to say the least. Some of the words and phrases that come out of his mouth are positively hysterical, and he tends to catch me completely off guard with his wittiness, ensuring the situation is that much more hilarious. … More Blaineisms

Navigating chaos

Married life, although quite short in duration at this point in time, has been interesting, to say the least. When I say interesting, I’m not even referring to my husband, Blaine; he is a quirky lad, but he isn’t what has made our married situation unique. Rather, we have a newly renovated house we are … More Navigating chaos

Why do people stay in unhappy relationships?

We often ask ourselves this question, specifically when we observe a relationship that is not only unhappy, but further unhealthy. It is difficult to understand why people remain in unsatisfactory relationships, however, according to a University of Utah release, the answer could come as a surprise. The University of Utah study examined whether people who … More Why do people stay in unhappy relationships?