Navigating through chronic illness

Anyone who has been diagnosed with a chronic illness of any sort is arguably aware of the countless frustrations that accompany it. Chronic illness can occur in a variety of forms and diagnoses, both in a mental and physical sense, and while different types of chronic illness do differ in regard to their severity, one … More Navigating through chronic illness

Check out this new way to manage pain

Pain management isn’t exactly a straightforward concept. Considering we all have different pain tolerances, it makes sense as to why we manage and experience pain differently, making it difficult to distinguish one objective way to manage pain effectively. All of us arguably have methods we rely on to best control pain when it occurs, but … More Check out this new way to manage pain

Do good, feel good

I’ve often said that doing something positive for someone other than ourselves can evoke feelings of happiness. I’ve never really understood why this is, but I can personally attest to this realization, as I’m sure many other people can, too. But, according to an article from The Good News Network, there might be a scientific … More Do good, feel good

No pain, no gain: how pain impacts us differently

Pain, although inevitable, is an interesting thing to me, personally. I find it quite fascinating how pain, experienced anywhere on our bodies, or in our minds, can be transmitted to our brain and cause it to signal the pain to our consciousness. Probably not the textbook definition of how pain is processed, but close enough. … More No pain, no gain: how pain impacts us differently