Do Tattoos Really Hurt? (Yes, Yes They Do)

I got my first tattoo a few years back. A very simple semicolon in black ink on my left wrist. I posted a couple of days ago about my second tattoo, and while my initial tattoo didn’t cause my any significant pain, this second one had me fighting the urge to yell at the tattoo artist (for the pain, not the art itself).

This got me thinking; what are the most painful spots on the body to have tattooed? According to an article from Cosmopolitan, your ribcage, your head, the inside of your thigh, the inside of your upper arm (that weird little concave area on the other side of your elbow), your elbow, your feet, your ankles, your hands and fingers, the inside of your wrist (you bet your bottom dollar I can attest to this one), and your armpits are the most painful/sensitive areas of the body to have tattooed. I have heard more private regions of the body are also extremely sensitive to have tattooed, but we’re just not going to delve into that territory for the sake of everyone here.

What about the least painful areas? Apparently, the outside of your arm, the side of your calf and the outer shoulder have fewer nerve endings and have more fat than other areas of the body, so they’re your best bet for a less painful ink session.

Pain also depends on the sort of design you’re wanting to have done. My recent tattoo, for example, required a very fine needle tip, so the artist informed me it would be more painful than what I had in the past. Use of colour, shading, and size of a tattoo all factor into how it feels on the skin, and everyone has different levels of pain tolerance.

Bottom line? Tattoos hurt, but they’re definitely worth the pain.

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