The sad reality of women’s health

I am quite literally writing this post doubled over in pain at my kitchen counter thanks to a lovely condition myself and a fuck ton of other women suffer from known as PCOS, which is short for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. The condition involves the development, growth, and occasional or frequent bursting of cysts on your ovaries, and it’s about as delightful as it sounds. The best way I can describe the pain is how I would imagine it feels to have balloons shoved up inside you, except the balloons are equipped with jagged edges, and instead of being filled with air, their contents are knives.

I’m fortunate not to have endometriosis, because many women with PCOS experience both. The pain from PCOS is more than enough for me, personally, let alone throwing another insanely painful condition into the mix.

There is, of course, no cure or treatment for PCOS or endometriosis, aside from getting a hysterectomy and literally removing all of your reproductive organs. This is obviously an extreme option, but the sad reality is that it is the best option for a hell of a lot of women because their lives have become so disrupted by the pain they experience from these conditions. That is, unless, you’re a young woman; if you happen to be diagnosed with either of these conditions from a young age, and decide to undergo a hysterectomy and give up the option of having a family one day because the pain is so ridiculous, you’ll probably be informed you’re not eligible for a hysterectomy until you’re at least 35, because apparently this decision is not for the woman to make, but instead societal expectations.

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if these conditions would remain to be incurable if they plagued men, and I doubt I’m the only woman to have this thought cross their mind.

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