Summer Date Ideas

Date night between a couple is time intended to serve as enjoyable and romantic, not boring. Yet, over time, it becomes difficult to come up with new and exciting date ideas to keep things fresh between you and your partner. I did some brainstorming and did my best to come up with some unique and … More Summer Date Ideas

It’s Wedding Season!

Weddings  occur year-round, but for whatever reason, I have come to the realization that the Summer months officially mark wedding season. I’m not complaining about it, either, considering summer weddings are often outside and are able to incorporate beautiful greenery and flowers. One downside of summer weddings? The heat. But hey, we can’t control the … More It’s Wedding Season!

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Read Opinion Pieces About Relationships

I would bet money that a majority of social media users have, at some point, come across an article in their Facebook or Twitter newsfeed claiming to list 10 things that indicate your partner is cheating on you, or perhaps 10 signs your relationship is heading in the wrong direction. They’re tempting to read, and … More Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Read Opinion Pieces About Relationships